Sewage Overview:


  • Sewage Systems
  • French Drains
  • Industrial Waste
  • Septic Tanks
  • Pit Latrines
  • All organisms remain hydrated throughout the manufacturing and packaging processes, ensuring that there are no dormant species at the time of application. With no re-hydration of the bacteria being required, the process of remediation is seamless and efficient.
  • Preserved in their natural polymeric units, the bacteria shelf life is 5 years when stored at room temperature.

  • Properly applied Ergofito BioFlush bio-technology eliminates E. Coli bacteria in a period of two hours. The time frame is related to the natural life of E. Coli bacteria whereby the only way to eradicate them immediately, is by using chemical products, which  result in pollution of the water. Vira Cholera and Nocardia proliferation are effectively controlled and ultimately eradicated in a sewage reservoir with adequate levels of the bacteria mixture. It has also been discovered through trials in Argentina, that Ergofito BioFlush inhibits the development of mosquito larvae by eliminating their food sources.
  • Ergofito BioFlush destroys all pathogens in raw sewage. Wherever it establishes a colony, it becomes dominant in that area by both eating the food that pathogens feed as well as by consuming them. Biologically, Ergofito BioFlush is extremely competitive and withstands aggressive attacks from other organisms that attempt to compete for the same space. The robustness of Ergofito BioFlush is attributed to the micro-alveoli granules they inhabit. These granules maximize the surface area the bacteria can occupy, thereby ensuring that they always outnumber other micro-organisms at the points of contact.
  • From the first treatment, one can expect to observe a constantly increased elimination of C.O.D’s, B.O.D’s, phosphorous and ammonia. A potent de-nitrifying action transforms the sewage’s nitrogen content into nutritious substances which vegetation can readily assimilate.
  • Ergofito BioFlush bacteria thrive in aerated, raw sewage and easily overpower hazardous organisms and organic toxins with their rapid reproduction. They stop reproducing when there is no oxygen or dead organic matter available to them.
  • The product discharge is environmentally friendly and coupled with the correct dosage and retention time, can be considered a high quality organic fertilizer. Well treated sewage effluent is ideal for use as nutrient-rich, irrigation water. It contains all the minerals in safe and organic compounds, with no harmful pathogens which can poison the land, or crops.
  • All agriculture and fishing products extracted from areas using the discharged effluent are safe for human consumption.
  • Sewage plants utilising Ergofito BioFlush will cut down on manual labour. MBR plants will experience a drop in the need for de-clogging membranes, due to the fats & greases levels being much lower than usual. Solids are softer and lighter, easing the workload on mechanical tools and equipment thereby increasing their life-span. The build up of solids takes longer thus decreasing the frequency of needing removal.
  • noxiousHarmful and offensive odours are significantly reduced, creating a safer and more comfortable work environment. Ergofito BioFlush destroys the organisms that emit noxiousHarmful gasses.
  • A relatively low oxygen level of 0.2 mg/Lt is required for the bacteria to survive and colonise the sewage. Aeration is only required if the reservoir is completely still and stagnant.
  • After the initial dosing, the amount of Ergofito BioFlush required to maintain effective bacterial levels in the plant, is 1% to 5% of that initial dose. The ability to lower the dosage, is achieved by retaining the bio-solids, which are rich in the good bacteria. Operation costs are reduced once good bio-solid management is attained.
  • The work rate of the bacteria slows down as ambient temperature decreases but remains effective until 7 degrees Celsius.

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